Here’s my recommended ballot. As ever, you should make your own choices based on your own research.


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1. Phantomite
-End the powerblocs through removal of strong foundations. Instability creates content.
-Offer income and content outside of joining large groups. Chances for new groups to form and new stories to be told.
-Blended PvE and PvP to offer income while fighting, rather than having the two be endlessly separate.
2. Mark Ressurectus
-Mark offers experience for wormhole balance, but understands combat all over Eve.
3. Torvald Uruz
-Torvald spearheaded what would become this year’s focus on a major FW revamp, and is a strong voice against other CSMs who aim to maintain their status quo.
4. Ithica Hawk
-Subject matter expert for tournaments and smallgang PvP
5. Drake Iddon
-Drake brings enthusiasm and Pochven-style experience and can champion similar mechanics for the rest of Eve.
-Stands up against blatent lies
6. Arsia Elkin
-Voice in favour of FW and pro small-group
7. Stitch Kaneland
-Expert theoriser for ship and weapon balance
8. Baldin Tarmain
-Industrialist who can tell the difference between entitled risk averse opinions and the true nature of Eve.
9. Keacte
-Approcahable and enthusiastic with content creation
10. Jinx Deā€™Caire
-A very unbloc-y bloc-alike candidate



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