Return to real Eve

About The Cause

Eve Online is stagnant. Giant Gigablocs remain forever in their home regions, calling themselves PVP groups while demanding that the action come to them.

The strong foundations of overwhelmingly defensible unlimited infrastructure provides a solid foundation for intense stability, which is the antithesis of a game about war and serves the cowardly defensive blobbing agenda.

Lack of regular significant rebalance, paired with band-aid patches leaves the game in a state of constant long-range combat, which is boring and predictable, and leaves no room for half of Eve’s ships and modules.

Total loss of Passive moon mining with no suitable replacement decimated fleet PvP as a profession. Faction war has shown us all that CCP is very capable of designing content that is PVP-first in nature – this type of outlook should be encouraged and expanded.

Nullsec is still designed with stability in mind. This has frozen the area of space that previously gave birth to some of the most exciting stories to ever be told by players in an online game. CCP should be celebrating Eve’s true nature, designing the game to allow meaningful war to be achievable and common.

A major barrier of entry to forming your own group is the cost and knowhow to link Eve to common communication and social platforms such as Discord – such authentication tools should be offered directly from CCP to allow groups to function without a full IT staff and server.



My causes are supported by many current players, and huge numbers of players who have been forced out of Eve by the unending removal of their diverse playstyles.

Major STRUCTURE revolution

Despite major changes to some upwell structures, significant issues remain that assist with keeping nullsec frozen.

Citadels and other structures are anchorable on stargates, granting obscene control over one of the last places in Eve where ambushes can occur. Ansiblex gates allow blocs to have their cake and eat it: Centralise power, and be able to project at full force rapidly.

Fleet combat based alliance income

Passive moons were one of the major conflict drivers in low and nullsec. By giving them over to individuals to profit from, they stopped being a PvP-oriented income source.

We need a suitable new replacement for what was lost. Fleet PvP should be a viable alliance profession again.

opportunities to progress outside a gigabloc or the abyss

Income opportunities are at their highest when grinding under the cover of a giant powerbloc, or solo in Abyssal sites.

The game desperately needs to offer opportunities to progress in smaller groups.

This includes but is not limited to ISK making, further localisation for unserved languages, and better CCP-provided tools for linking Eve to Discord without the need to rent your own servers.

If you like what you see, let’s talk.

I will talk with one or one thousand of you via text or voice.

Join my discord, DM me, tweet at me or drag me into your Teamspeak – I’m ready and willing to talk with anyone to demonstrate that I want to solve problems the right way, not by recommending band-aids and flashy changes.

We’re past the point of tweaks to fix EVE, and despite the overwhelming pressure to keep things as they are, I’m working hard to change that.