Thank you for visiting my page of specific changes. This is not an exhaustive list of things I’ll be pushing for. If you feel there’s something that suits my outlook on Eve that is absent, I welcome a DM or a message in my Discord server.


Structure Changes/Concepts

  • Infrastructure no longer anchorable within instant reach of a stargate. Citadels and Ansiblex being right next to stargates is a giant amount of strategic control over what is one of the main locations for ambushes to occur, and instant response times, combined with the extreme range of citadel fighters is far too powerful.
  • Ansiblex projection changes. As it is now, These coalition operated gates allow massive amounts of risk mitigation and mobility. With fatigue, they’d force “everyday” travellers to traverse the real geography of the area, and the structures would become strategic combat assets for defence, rather than being a giant advantage over any invaders, small or large.
    A number of players have been fed the idea that “opening up the gates to all” would be a “fair” nerf, but this proposal changes nothing with the poisonous projection capabilities that Ansiblex currently enjoys, and is a method of trying to keep one of the worst aspects of the game design.
  • A suitable replacement for Passive Moon Mining. One timer – a stream of valuable materials to be collected periodically. It worked before for war and endless fleet content, and it will work again. Bring back Fleet PvP as a profession.
  • A strong NO to any further geography skipping mechanics, especially in faction war space. – Any drives to “get people more quickly to the frontline” is an affront to the pure nature of Eve that makes geography meaningful.


Ship and module Balance

  • A rebalance of all T1/Navy/Pirate Battleships. I have a difficult task to ask of CCP – but difficulty does not mean it should not be undertaken. I want a lot of regular T1 ships to become viable again in fleet situations – everyone flying “the poggest” ships makes nobody special. Fleet content has to be reachable for people who don’t want to spend twice as long grinding for ISK as others do. I want T1 BS to become realistic options for players on a tighter budget – by bringing them a little closer to Faction power, and by further reducing the cost. Navy Battleships should excel at fleet roles, and have been left behind by a number of Pirate BS – which in my mind, should have their attributes skewed to be less of a perfect fit for massive fleets, and more interesting for use in small to medium situations.
  • Reduction in effective ranges for all long-range focussed combat. Ranged options are important. Close range fleet combat is largely dead outside of wormhole space and FW plexes, and reducing the effective engagement ranges of long range ships is part of the puzzle in bringing it back as an option. Included in this is my view that while Carriers are in need of some more purpose, the working damage range of their fighters is far too long.
  • Tech 3 Cruiser balance pass. The subsystem selections for T3C are in a lot of cases “Solved”, with some subsystems being virtually unused. A balance pass on subsystems which includes but is not limited for increasing the fittings would serves to freshen them up. Additionally, Strategic Cruisers’ resists were nerfed to be virtually “T1.5” resists – I would like to see these resists be T1.75 – making them more viable in heavy fleets, while still being careful to hold back from returning them to “SuperHAC” status like they used to be.
  • Navy Cruiser balance pass. The Exequoror Navy issue has become an instant king across many areas of space and types of PvP due to it’s huge flexibility, slot layout, extreme DPS and utility. Other Navy cruisers have been left in the dust, some much more than others and I’d like to push for a full balance pass across the whole line.
  • T1 Frigates to get increased fittings. Some T1 frigates, including but not limited to the Incursus and Rifter are very uncompetitive, partly due to extremely tight fittings.
  • New ships. I welcome new ships that bring fresh opportunities and risks to Eve – An expansion of pirate capitals and supercaps, and new industrial ship options to move multiple clones at the same time. I also would like to see the bowhead buffed with more capacity, with a T2 jump version added.
  • Rapid, scheduled iteration on new ships and modules. I want CCP to commit to a rapid stat-tweak of new/changed ships and modules in the immediate weeks after release. It’s painful for ships or weapons to be introduced/changed in broken states, only to have to wait many months or years for some simple tweaks.


Faction War

  • FW as a primary source for In-Demand ships. With a rebalance of particularly Navy Battleships, Faction War has the opportunity to have a more vast and eager market of consumers.
  • Battlefield changes to promote PvP. Battlefields now have several painful issues. The way the rats work makes them cheesable and then winnable with just a few unsupported small ships. The extremely vast size of the inside almost forces long range, fast damage fleets on the rare instances that a fight does break out – as well as giving farmers plenty of time to avoid PvP.
  • FW NPC corp LP tax. Encouragement to team up – it had some success for hisec, pushing players to form or join corporations – some of whom made friends as a result.
  • More forgiving standings requirements. Joining in with FW is often painful for new, enthusiastic players and the corporation where standings are concerned. Minimum levels of standings are important to deter rampant Awoxing, but with the lack of options to fast-grow your standings and the ever present stress of managing your corp’s empire standings, it’s high time the barrier to entry was lowered. This could be done by both offering fast-standings growth options that are not arkane and hard to understand, and simply lowering the minimum requirement.
  • Continued growth of fleet-sized opportunities. The recent changes to  NVY to ADV ratio have opened up opportunities for a much broader range of ships. In addition to Battlefields, there’s the opportunity to increase the fleet size opportunities too by adding more FW-specific fleet objectives – in deadspace! Deadspace is the key to FW PvP opportunities being workable away from easy hotdrops by much larger groups.
  • FW IHUB grids become deadspace. Making IHUB grids behave like an open complex would bring fleet content there in line with other FW fleet combat locations.



  • Some ships are still too expensive. T1 Battleships are still a huge jump in price over their smaller counterparts (Battlecruisers to Battleships) and with their bill of materials including items outside of minerals, the insurance doesn’t make up for it. Dreads and FAX, even with some recent positive changes, are still at such a high price that people are less willing to risk them.
  • Shift where the money is spent. Ships should get cheaper, modules should rise in price to even it out – this would go a long way towards making PvP as a profession more viable.


Roadblock Removal and opportunities FOR SMALLER GROUPS

  • Gang/Small Fleet PvE availability to bring PvE and PvP closer together. In most cases, people performing PvE have to leave when someone tries to fight them. PvE is currently done in specific PvE fits, meaning that they have to either become defenceless food for people seeking combat or simply run.
    Pochven has shown what PvE could be like – an income method that puts you in ships ready to fight by design.
  • Basic Discord Bot hosted and maintained by CCP for auth. By removing the need for an IT guy and the cost of renting a server, new and smaller groups can get a leg up to being functional, lowering the barrier of entry to forming in-game communities.
  • Further localisation options. Expanding the net to find people who actually want to play the best sandbox in the world will enrich the game for everyone. CCP should make the effort to cater for more language options so that people from across the globe can experience EVEs sandbox natively
  • End massively parallel PvE design. Simplistic PvE design makes the activity unchallenging, boring and easily bottable. It also encourages mass alt creation, which raises the bar for making a competitive amount of ISK.


Remove unbalanced safety

  • Remove gate rats in nullsec. The huge numbers of gaterats in nullsec barely bother residents, but hugely hinder solo and smallgang players attempting the already difficult task of bringing meaningful risk to the vast tracts of farmlands.
  • A strong return for trust-based mechanics. This is a speciality item – please contact for interviews/questions. Trust-based mechanics give toys to more secure groups, while presenting challenges and choices to groups that recruit anyone with a pulse.


QoL and UI changes

  • Bookmark improvements. Ability to change the expiry of bookmarks you have edit access to.
  • Auto drone grouping. Option to have drones pre-sorted into your standard groups
  • In-game fitting tools. The in game simulator is slow and sluggish compared to more comprehensive third party tools – this should be sped up. Additionally, when using multifit, it should be able to take from an arbitrary number of locations at the same time rather than picking a single container/hangar.
  • Limited introduction of UI customisation. Let us swap out some limited parts of the UI that don’t provide in-game advantages – for example, the neocom buttons, which are dull and use borderline meaningless logos. We used to have colourful icons, and we want them back!
  • Subtle but clear modifications to similar and identical module icons. For example: Turret damage modules need a small differentiator, such as a logo or colour tag. Differentiate the warp disruptor from the scrambler/web from grappler in a clearer way than the current different shades of blue – perhaps vertically mirroring one of the icons, or increasing the contrast between the hues.
  • Station/citadel model limits clearer. Some stations have either very faint or straight up incorrect docking radius lights. These shoulds be made clearer to see.
  • Raised/uncapped office limits. Eternally held offices by dead groups have filled many stations, making it harder to be nomadic.
  • Better partitioning for hangars. Currently, station containers are the best way to “partition” hangars – they are a pain to move, and their functionality could be replaced with a system of arbitrary partitioning of your personal and corporate hangars. This would also get rid of issues such as being unable to repackage items in containers.



  • CSM weekly meeting minutes and clips. After feature releases, minutes from the weeky meetings that are releavant to the new content should be released to the playerbase, so people can know what their chosen candidates approach and opinions were in the lead up to launch.
  • Summit minutes need more detail.  The current state of summit minutes verges on uselessness. Obviously, a lot of details and previews of upcoming changes precludes the details people want to see, but some areas should have more detailed who-said-what information for after-launch release.


Absolutely unacceptable

  • No more instanced content. All in-space activity in the game should happen in a sandbox-friendly design.
  • Make as many cosmetics as you like, I don’t care. If CCP needs additional revenue streams outside of subscriptions, the only thing that should be allowed is non-gameplay changing cosmetic items. Go nuts. I’m here to play.