Here’s my recommended ballot. As ever, you should make your own choices based on your own research.


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1. Phantomite
-End the powerblocs through removal of strong foundations. Instability creates content.
-Offer income and content outside of joining large groups. Chances for new groups to form and new stories to be told.
-Blended PvE and PvP to offer income while fighting, rather than having the two be endlessly separate.
2. Mark Ressurectus
-Mark offers experience for wormhole balance, but understands combat all over Eve.
3. Torvald Uruz
-Torvald spearheaded what would become this year’s focus on a major FW revamp, and is a strong voice against other CSMs who aim to maintain their status quo.
4. Ithica Hawk
-Subject matter expert for tournaments and smallgang PvP
5. Drake Iddon
-Drake brings enthusiasm and Pochven-style experience and can champion similar mechanics for the rest of Eve.
-Stands up against blatent lies
6. Arsia Elkin
-Voice in favour of FW and pro small-group
7. Stitch Kaneland
-Expert theoriser for ship and weapon balance
8. Baldin Tarmain
-Industrialist who can tell the difference between entitled risk averse opinions and the true nature of Eve.
9. Keacte
-Approcahable and enthusiastic with content creation
10. Jinx De’Caire
-A very unbloc-y bloc-alike candidate



As ever, please do join my discord, please do vote for me, and please do vote for me WITH ALL of your available accounts!

Your accounts must be older than 60 days. Your account must be an omega at the time of voting.

Given recent events, I have decided to leave Snuffed Out. For the past few months I struggled to ignore the toxicity of an unsurprising lineup of “boy’s club” Snuff members, and the exploitative and dishonest behaviour of Hy.

This toxicity and dishonesty lost any subtlety a few months back. A Snuff member sent me an evemail me just to say “no-one likes you”. Hy messaged me to say “people are saying CCP doesn’t like talking to you”. Hy knows this to be false as a result of my repeated attempts to reach out to him to try and involve him in the CSM process. I let him know that I was making contact and good progress with CCP devs.

A few days later I hear from several other alliance leaders that Hy himself is soliciting them for votes. He spread this lie amongst them in an attempt to redirect votes from myself. He himself was the source of this lie, spreading it while knowing it has no base in reality. Yes Hy, I’ve known for a while.
I have involved myself in helpful activities in the alliance wherever possible. I volunteered my help with first-port-of-call recruitment, finding content and leading smaller fleets, and doctrine discussion. My thanks for my efforts was laughter and mockery when asking for help killing a tackled Kronos. Fortunately, a handful of Korean Snuff members were more enthusiastic and came to assist.

I knew a few weeks ago that I was no longer welcome, but didn’t leave for fear of it appearing to be a cheap move for votes. The reaction I saw today to the offer of a Kronos kill made staying an impossibility. I’m sick of this alliance’s hellish toxicity.

To anyone from Snuff reading this, it’s not the majority of you. As ever, an entrenched toxic minority spoiled it, and will continue to do so indefinitely.

I look forward to engaging with Faction Warfare whether or not I get the opportunity to help guide it on the CSM.


On Friday the 22nd April, 2022 CCP announced an up to 33% price hike for subcriptions to Eve online.

Times are financially difficult for most people and some businesses. Regular people are rapidly find their disposable income dwindling at best, many others now have no disposable income and can’t even afford regular living expenses.

CCP is also affected, with inflation making their income not as large, and the total loss of all income from the Russian market due to sanctions. So what are they going to offer us for this higher price?

Eve was never a particularly cheap game, and now it’s the most expensive “premium/traditional model” MMO on the market. What exactly are we getting for this incredibly steep price? Since the advent of multiple chilling-effect changes to Eve, primarily the anti-content design of Citadels, action in Eve online has been in a endless boring decline. CCP puts plenty of resources into CCP-Curated content, which does indeed include some PvP – but it lasts as long as the event, doesn’t spur war and is navelgazing when it comes to the problem surrounding chilled player created content.

If you check the video above, you’ll see CCP Paragon reading and slightly answering my question. During the Q&A surround the price hike, he kept promising that there would be a reveal at fanfest which “justfies the increased price” of Eve.


If they announce another CCP curated content event, it means utterly nothing. The only thing that can save Eve is a total revamp of multiple areas of the game ro reverse the stagnation and get groups to be endlessly, meaningfully at real war again.

I will be there to make them answer for their lack of care to the single thing that drove Eve: The players. Not their events.