Here’s my recommended ballot for CSM 18. Do vote, do vote with ALL of your accounts!

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My aims on the CSM are to modify the game to promote PvP at all scales – this includes nerfing the projection ability that Ansiblex provides, expanding the opportunities for PvP as a profession with imrovements to FW, re-introducing replacements for passive moons and ship cost reductions. I value self-honesty as an important aspect of a CSM member, something that is lacking in most. Check my list of specifics.


Stitch Kaneland
Stitch has a strong overlap with the same outlook that I have. He is a smallgang and solo pilot with deep knowledge of ships, fittings and tactics.


Drake Iddon
Drake displays a wit and investigative personality that will make him a valuable ally in the fight against anyone trying to push lies and nonsense past CCP.


Nuke Michael
Nuke from Snuffed Out is aiming for a future that encourages groups to fight.


Cael Caderu
Cael’s outlook on FW is honest and pro-PvP.


Gideon Zendikar
Gideon understands and is capable of pushing a similar Ansiblex Agenda.


Torvald Uruz
Torvald is a valuable voice for promoting Eve as a streamable game, without asking for any unrealistic “protections” for streamers against stream sniping.


Rico Shikkoken
Rico has a strong list of UX improvements to assist with playing the game for people with a wide range of abilities.


Mark Resurrectus
Mark is charismatic and persuasive.


White 0rchid
White takes a sceptical view on the proclamations of Bloc candidates.