Thank you for visiting my page of specific changes. This is not an exhaustive list of things I’ll be pushing for, and is a work in progress as I transcribe my sets of note and reminders. If you feel there’s something that suits my aims that is absent, I welcome a DM or a message in my Discord server.


Structure Changes/Concepts

  • Infrastructure no longer anchorable within instant reach of a stargate. Citadels and Ansiblex being right next to stargates is a giant amount of strategic control over what is one of the main locations for ambushes to occur, and instant response times, combined with the extreme range of citadel fighters is far too powerful.
  • Ansiblex jump fatigue. As it is now, These coalition operated gates allow massive amounts of risk mitigation and mobility. With fatigue, they’d force everyday travellers to traverse the real geography of the area, and the structures would become strategic combat assets for defence, rather than being a giant advantage over any invaders, small or large.
  • A suitable replacement for Passive Moon Mining. One timer – a stream of valuable materials to be collected periodically. It worked before for war and endless fleet content, and it will work again. Bring back Fleet PvP as a profession.
  • NPC station jump clone timer removal/drastic reduction. I hate Citadel spam. NPC stations need to be brought up in ability to provide a realistic option as a place to live for all groups, and a total removal or drastic reduction of in-station Jumpclone timers would go a long way to helping with this.
  • ??? mystery secret project under development by CCP ??? (sorry to tease!)


Ship Balance

  • A total rebalance of all T1/Navy/Pirate Battleships. I have a difficult task to ask of CCP – but difficulty does not mean it should not be undertaken. I want a lot of regular T1 ships to become viable again in fleet situations – everyone flying “the poggest” ships makes nobody special. Fleet content has to be reachable for people who don’t want to spend twice as long grinding for ISK as others do. I want T1 BS to become realistic options for players on a tighter budget – by bringing them a little closer to Faction power, and by further reducing the cost. Navy Battleships should excel at fleet roles, and have been left behind by a number of Pirate BS – which in my mind, should have their attributes skewed to be less of a perfect fit for massive fleets, and more interesting for use in small to medium situations.
  • Sweeping partial reduction in effective ranges for all range-focussed combat. Ranged options are important. We’re all aware of the power of long range HACs – I still want them to function, but I don’t want them to be able to do so at such an untouchable distance. Close range fleet combat is largely dead outside of wormhole space, and reducing the effective engagement ranges of long range ships is part of the puzzle in bringing it back as an option. Included in this is my view that while Carriers are in need of some more purpose, the working damage range of their fighters is far too long.


Faction War

  • Fleet Based PvE Content. Pochven has shown us how PvE and PvP can be combined. Income opportunities available to those who are ready to fight – the Faction War revamp is ripe for this concept, with the added benefit of multiple types of gates to regulate ship sizes to offer Fleet and Gang combat at a variety of levels and costs.
  • FW as a primary source for In-Demand ships. With a rebalance of particularly Navy Battleships, Faction War has the opportunity to have a vast and eager market to sell products to.


Roadblock Removal and opportunities FOR SMALLER GROUPS

  • Gang/Small Fleet PvE availability to bring PvE and PvP closer together. In most cases, people performing PvE have to leave whe someone tries to fight them. PvE is currently done in specific PvE fits, meaning that they have to either become defenceless food for people seeking combat or simply run.
    Pochven has shown what PvE could be like – an income method that puts you in ships ready to fight by design. Faction War is the idea place for this new type of content, in gated sites – NOT intanced dungeons.
  • Discord Bot hosted and maintained by CCP for auth. By removing the need for an IT guy and the cost of renting a server, new and smaller groups can get a leg up to being functional, lowering the barrier of entry to forming in-game communities.
  • Further localisation options. Changing Eve to attract casual players who don’t like Eve’s true nature is a path to failure. Expanding the net to find more real Eve players more respectful to Real Eve.
  • End massively parallel PvE design. Simplistic PvE design makes the activity unchallenging, boring and easily bottable. It also encourages mass alt creation, which raises the bar for making a competitive amount of ISK.


Remove unbalanced safety

  • Remove gate rats in nullsec. The huge numbers of gaterats in nullsec barely bother residents, but hugely hinder solo and smallgang players attempting the already difficult task of bringing meaningful risk to the vast tracts of farmlands.
  • A strong return for trust-based mechanics. This is a speciality item – please contact for interviews/questions. Trust-based mechanics give toys to more secure groups, while presenting challenges and choices to groups that recruit anyone with a pulse.


Absolutely unacceptable

  • No more instanced PvE. All in-space activity in the game should happen in a sandbox-friendly design.
  • Make as many cosmetics as you like, I don’t care. If CCP needs additional revenue streams outside of subscriptions, the only thing that should be allowed is non-gameplay changing cosmetic items. Go nuts. I’m here to play.